August 2, 2016

2D Animation

We design persuasive multimedia presentations that will increase the audience appeal. Whether it is a corporate presentation or an employee training module, we sensibly combine intuitive design, interactivity, and media convergence that will help you put across you viewpoint strongly.

We provide a wide range of 2D animation services. We do 2D animation services in India to benefit from high-quality animation services, offered at a cost-effective price. At Icon Technosys, we have a trained, skilled and talented team of animators who can provide world class 2D animation services. The 2D animation services team at Icon Technosys is highly experienced in providing 2D animation services for movies, e-learning courses, product demos, games, corporate presentations, website designs, online banners, logo designs, simulations and much more. We also provide other types of 2D animation services, such as, PowerPoint Animation, Flash Animation and Analog Computer Animation.

In the 2D animation process, we first create or edit the figures, by using bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics. Our animators use techniques such as morphing, tweening, onion skinning and interpolated rotoscoping to create high quality 2D images and characters.

We create outstanding audio-visual communication that vibes with your target audience’s emotions. Towards this end, we leverage a combination of strategic thinking, creative excellence, production & post production experience and media release support. Our deep insight of the audio-visual media also goes a long way in putting your brand in that space where it will be noticed most. Our activity straddles the entire AV communication spectrum, ranging from TVCs to Radio Jingles and Corporate AVs to Documentaries. Exceptional project management skills are applied in making the assignment a great success for you. We have a professional support network comprising the latest facilities in digital editing, sound recording, mixing and packaging. Whatever be your product or service, we create audio-visual communication that is always on target!

Below are Few of Our Major Services, other than below services we deals in all type of Graphic Design Work:

♦ 2D Character Animation

♦ Flash Presentations

♦ Short Animated Videos

♦ Product Presentations

♦ Marketing Presentations

♦ Corporate Presentations

♦ Interactive Presentations

♦ Morphing and Warping

♦ Digital Illustrations

♦ Children Book Illustrations

♦ Medical Illustrations